Christchurch Business Being Aided With 12 Month Interest Free Offer

( The recent seismic events in Christchurch have created financial and emotional pressures for a wide range of business. With the central city area currently under tight access restrictions, as well as many businesses in the eastern suburb areas of Sumner, New Brighton and Lyttleton being damaged, the future of enterprise in Christchurch is coming under threat.

However, the realisation of large investments in the future of Christchurch, to both infrastructure and enterprise, is providing light at the end of the tunnel. Investment in the rebuilding of Christchurch, over the next five to ten years, will bring much needed funds to the city; creating a secondary effect for product and service demands as money flows through the local economy.

The process of rebuilding has made many businesses re-evaluate their traditional methods to market, being the bricks and mortar operation. With an increasing realisation that consumers are going online in increasing numbers to search for and purchase products online; as well as the need to market the business to outside the Christchurch region for the immediate future; many businesses are either investing in online marketing or allocating greater percentages of their marketing budgets to website design and search engine optimisation.

For those Christchurch businesses that are unable to operate, allowing current and potential customers to purchase products online through ecommerce websites enables the business to continue operations and generate income. Furthermore, a well designed business website will allow the business to expand its geographical region of operations nationally, even internationally. The ability to generate additional revenue streams from new markets from outside the Christchurch region provides the business with greater stability and profit generating capabilities.

Unfortunately, the investment required for the design and development of the business website in the past has been a barrier for many. However, KustomEyes, a local website design company, is offering 12 months interest free on all new website design projects. Owner Steve Wilson said that “the earthquake has created challenges for all business in Christchurch, including our own. We are hoping that we can help some of these businesses by offering 12 months interest free on website design. Providing tools for businesses, not simply a pretty website is the philosophy of the company and we hope to be able to assist Christchurch business with this offer”

With foot traffic being limited, many businesses are turning to websites to increase the visibility of their Christchurch business. Not only can this alleviate the pressures of traditional channels to market, but expand the geographical reach of the company by allowing the business to offer its products nationwide.

Media Release on 11 July 2011

Media Contact:
Steve Wilson
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