Clean Mixes Superfood Beauty Blend Hemp Protein Bliss Ball Mix

( Introducing Superfood Beauty Blend Hemp Protein Bliss Ball mix, the first superfood product to join the family of Wellington based treat mix company, Clean Mixes.

Dubbed ‘the beauty blend’ because of its key ingredient, Hemp, this gorgeous mix is high in healthy Omegas 3, 6 and 9, along with vitamins and minerals which have been proven to be excellent for your skin. The team at Clean Mixes has also added flavourful companion ingredients such as freeze-dried strawberries and cacao making this indulgent, decadent and good-for-you mix a treat not to miss!

When Hemp became available for human consumption last year in New Zealand, Clean Mixes jumped at the opportunity to introduce this beneficial ingredient into one of their treat mixes.

“As a country we are relatively new to understanding the wonder of this amazing superfood,” shared Christine Westbury, founder and CEO of Clean Mixes. “We’ve incorporated both hemp seeds and hemp protein (70%) into our mix as both have different profiles; hemp seeds retain their essential fatty acid content, where as the protein holds a high pure protein percentage, unlike other plant based protein powders. Being high in protein, omegas, vitamins A and E, antioxidants and minerals means hemp assists the body to regenerate body cells and therefore promotes skin health.”

Clean Mixes can be used to make treats ranging from Bliss Balls to a slice or cheesecake base, allowing customers to be creative in the kitchen without compromising taste. The best part? No nasties – the mixes don’t contain any refined sugars, dairy or gluten!

“I love to eat healthy refined sugar free treats, but, I don’t like to source all of the nuts, seeds, superfoods, then fill my pantry with half used packets, and then spend far too long making something which may or may not turn out great,” laughs Westbury. “I curated a range of Bliss Ball Mixes which simply needed two wet ingredients added to the packet to make fail proof, great tasting (but guilt free) treats in under 10 minutes – no baking required. It’s an absolute pantry staple and all in one easy pouch.”

Over the past two years Clean Mixes has grown from sharing recipes with friends and whanau to now being stocked in 60 stores all over the country as well as sold online at

Clean Mixes: Making healthy options easy and accessible to all New Zealanders in a simple convenient mix, and showing us that they are not your ordinary bliss ball mix!