Computer Help is Saving the Planet, One Can at a Time

( Computers get dirty. They are basically dust sucking machines with their fans drawing dust in all day long. The computer’s CPU in particular gets filled with dust. The problem arises that the dust collects on computer components and then attracts water so that the computer can get corroded. In time this can completely destroy the computer. Tablets tend not to have this problem, but laptops and desktop computers do.

Computer Help NZ, like many computer repair companies, not only give the software a clean up but a physical clean too. Removing the dust regularly can substantially increase the lifetime of a laptop or desktop. There are various tools used for this but a significant part of the process involves blowing compressed air through the computer. Traditionally, this has come in the form of cans of compressed air. Many empty cans end up in the dump as a result further damaging the environment.

Computer Help NZ decided to do something about this. Air compressors are usually very noisy and only suitable for factories not workshops. But after some substantial research they found one that is not insanely loud and can be used in the workshop. Instead of cans they now charge up the compressor each morning and use that for the computer clean up.

The good news is that they no longer need to buy and throw away cans of compressed air. It’s only a tiny difference but every little thing helps. They’re saving the planet…1 can at a time.

Media Release 18 January 2019.