The Dobros to record debut EP in 2019

( The Dobros – an Auckland-based band will be releasing their self-titled debut EP in 2019.

The sibling duo who use a broad range of different instrumentation including guitars, banjo, accordion, bass, mandolin and percussion instruments, have been writing songs together for the past 8 years.

While they have always intended to record their original work, the pair has only recently found themselves living in the same location.

“Recording an EP has always been a goal for us”, says guitarist and shared vocalist, Adam Jay.

“Over the years we have amassed quite a number of demos which we have been combing through to select the ones best suited for professional recording”.

Using a mixture of their own recording and studio time, the pair aim to have their EP released by December of this year.

The Dobros have experience in the Auckland wedding band circuit, rarely getting an opportunity to play their original music live.

“We are excited to get our tunes out there and heard. While we still enjoy playing covers, nothing quite beats playing your own original tracks”.

Media Release on 22 January 2019

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Adam, The Dobros
Phone: 0277870350