Getting an ageing population fit

( While most personal trainers and gyms are focused on growing their younger membership, one Wellington company is bucking the trend by directing their attention to the senior sector.

Over 65’s are the fastest growing sector of the population with the number of people in the labour force projected to treble from an estimated 38,000 in 2001 to 118,000 in 2026. By 2051 over 65’s will make up 22% of the New Zealand population which has direct implications for health expenditure because there is a significant rise in the incidence of disability with age, and an increased need for health treatment and care. (Statistics NZ)

All Active founder and director Rachel Marks believes that inactivity not ageing causes most health problems in seniors and through her newly launched franchise “All Active” “I want to focus on improving health and fitness of seniors so that they can remain in the labour force if they can’t afford to retire, as well as assist them to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle” said Rachel.

Rachel Marks, an expert in senior training currently works with Isabel, an 81 year old client who lives alone after losing her husband. Isabel says: “one of the main reasons I am taking part in a fitness programme with All Active is to ensure that I am able to live independently and remain in my own home. I am surprised at the things I have been able to do. Training has given me confidence and independence. “An All Active programme can help seniors like Isabel improve balance, reduce the need for hip and knee replacements, lower blood pressure and improve physical and mental function.

Fitness belongs to everyone and All Active caters for a wide range of ages and abilities. Rachel Marks is looking for personal trainers who are interested in owning their own franchise in the wider Wellington region. Franchises will later be available across New Zealand.

Promoting Fitness, Energy and Health for an improved quality of lifestyle for all.

Media Release on 30 July 2012 from All Active

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