Global Finance Brought Locally

( The view that the customer is sovereign is alive and well at Global Finance.

Global Finances Customer Care Program, sees more than 1000 people voluntarily surveyed annually where feedback across key customer engagement and service areas are sought. Real feedback and some exceptional comments are considered by Global Finance so that better service can be provided to the customers from the Manukau and Eastern suburb areas.

“As our customer base grew, we got consistent feedback about the need to make our services more accessible, particularly in Auckland where getting around is a real-life challenge. We wanted to respond tangibly to this feedback. Our customers have given us the courage to drive our branch expansion” says founder and MD, Ajay Kumar.

Last year, Global Finance opened its first branch outside of the expanding Airport Oaks complex in 103 Lincoln Rd, Henderson and the support that branch has received has been fantastic from West Aucklanders.

“It was an obvious response to the feedback and the real need to bring expert Global Finance advice local. Our desire to improve access to the advice we offer regarding some of the most important decisions people will make in their lives is as strong as the customers demand for it. It really is about their best interest”

In May 2019, Manukau Branch opens, corner of Cavendish and Lambie Drive right in the heart of the Manukau business and shopping precinct to better serve those customers who live, and work in South and East Auckland. Global Finance just got a whole lot more local!

Media Release on 8 May 2019

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