Intuition Book 5th Place in 2018 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards

( Intuition’ dissects the fundamental processes and elements that make intuition genuinely unique for every individual.

As one reader, Jamie Duncan, puts it, ‘Writing a book about a subject that can be so ethereal and nebulous as intuition and yet make it seem natural, real and plausible to more sceptical or scientific minds is quite a challenge and I think Zamm Zamudio goes a great way to achieving her goal. ‘Intuition’ is not a feel-good introduction to and practice of the intuitive arts. It is a serious attempt to explain and analyse what is going on in us when we intuit and how we have acquired and used this skill. Zamudio presents intuition as a normal human process that has the backing of an immense amount of scientific research and takes the reader in an ordered methodical way from seeing a conceptual definition of the term to identifying examples of intuition in daily life. She clarifies any doubts about the differences between perception, insight, instinct and intuition helping us to understand which label applies to each different thought or internal experience of this type that we have.’

Tim Eddington – Awards director – said, ‘There were 46 book entries in this year’s Awards. Similar numbers have been received in previous years. It is evident that the mind body spirit genre in New Zealand is in good heart.’

Ms Adonia Wylie, writer Joan Rosier-Jones and journalist Mike Alexander – the judging panel – selected the winning work from the five finalists.

‘This year’s finalists were of exceptionally high quality, each of them beautifully produced, compelling works. It made our job in selecting a winner and the runner’s up very difficult,’ says Ms Wylie.

The 2018 Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Book Awards winners (in order) are:
Murray Rae (Dunedin), Architecture and Theology: The Art of Place – Baylor University Press
Keith Hill (Auckland), The New Mysticism – Attar Books
J.P. Antill (Canterbury), Sophia Geography: Exploring Spirituality, Landscape and Archetypes – Harpagornis Publishing
Bryan Walpert (Auckland), Poetry and Mindfulness: Interruption to a Journey – Pelgrave MacMillan
Zamm Zamudio (Wellington), Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of Our World Book 1 – Zammtopia Publishing

Media Release 23 August 2018.