Lumen Clothing Launches

( Project Glow Wear 2016 winner of the Lux Luminance Award, Fiona Pohlen, has launched a clothing company with a difference. Lumen Clothing creates sophisticated reflective-wear incorporating 3M Scotchlite© highlights on their garments.

These reflective accents shine bright white when hit with light, and 3M Scotchlite© is the same product used on high-visibility workwear. Ms Pohlen notes however, that Lumen Clothing garments are not sportswear or workwear but more suited for the office, travel and socialising. Natural fibres are used in the garment designs, for comfort and environmental reasons, and designs include coats, blouses, dresses and suit pants.

Ms Pohlen, a Massey University graduate in fashion and technology, received Top Student Award in 2007 and has been creating ever since, however has noticed in recent times that the fashion industry is on the brink of change.

Aware of the negative impact that fashion brands have on the environment Ms Pohlen has set about creating an ethical brand where “closing the loop” or creating a circular business is paramount. This means setting up systems within the company to recycle fabric scraps and ensure a waste-free office with the banning of all one-use packaging items. All garments are made in New Zealand by talented local workers, with most items made in Wellington, just down the road from the workroom.

Ms Pohlen describes the brand. “ From day one, we never referred to ourselves as a ‘fashion’ brand. We are about long-lasting garments and enduring designs. We do not believe T-shirts can cost $3 without having a major negative human and environmental impact. We have a policy of repairing worn Lumen Clothing, offering a “trade-in” discount on used Lumen garments, and re-homing unwanted Lumen clothes. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are about reducing the negative impact our clothing brand has on the environment, and if we can keep people safe in low-light conditions whilst doing it; even better.”

Media Release 23 August 2018.