Key Founders and Personnel Depart Sportsflare to Launch Generative AI App Idyllic

In an exciting development within the New Zealand tech industry, three of the founding members of Sportsflare—Max Polaczuk, Chris Herrmann, and Trevor Cavill—along with key personnel Tony Zhang, Jeremy Baron, Matt Cavill, and Reuben Horne, have officially departed from the company to establish a new venture: Idyllic. Following Sportsflare’s acquisition by Entain, these visionary leaders have embarked on a new journey to revolutionize content creation with a new AI generator app.

Introducing Idyllic
Idyllic, based in Wellington, New Zealand, aims to democratise the creation of generative AI content, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. At its core, Idyllic’s mission is to empower individuals to produce faster and better content using AI, thus accelerating and enhancing the world’s creative output. The founders believe that the future of content creation lies in the hands of ordinary people, and Idyllic is dedicated to making that journey seamless and inspiring.

Unique Value Proposition
In a market becoming saturated with AI tools, Idyllic sets itself apart through exceptional user experience and innovative product design. The Idyllic App features an AI image generator that is remarkably user-friendly, designed to cater to individuals without technical backgrounds. This ensures that anyone can effortlessly delve into the world of AI-generated art.

But Idyllic’s innovation doesn’t stop at content creation. The app offers a seamless community exploration experience, allowing users to browse and draw inspiration from the stunning content generated by a vibrant community. A dynamic recommendation system evolves in real-time, delivering increasingly personalised content to enrich users’ creative journeys every time they interact with the app.

Founders’ Vision
Max Polaczuk, Chris Herrmann, and Trevor Cavill, along with Tony Zhang, Jeremy Baron, and Reuben Horne, bring a wealth of experience from their time at Sportsflare, a B2B provider of esports odds for sportsbooks. Under their leadership, Sportsflare developed cutting-edge AI and data solutions that significantly improved the betting experience for esports fans. This innovative spirit and technological expertise are now being channeled into Idyllic.

“At Idyllic, we believe that creativity should be accessible to everyone,” said Max Polaczuk, co-founder of Idyllic. “Our mission is to remove the barriers to content creation, enabling people from all walks of life to express themselves and explore their creative potential with the help of AI.”

Background on Sportsflare
Sportsflare, recently acquired by Entain for CA$13.2 million, has been a pioneer in the esports betting industry. The company developed advanced AI and data solutions, creating engaging and dynamic betting markets for esports. This includes a unique bet builder, micro-markets, and a solution for gamers to bet on their own performance. The acquisition by Entain aims to enhance its betting product offerings, optimized specifically for esports.

Looking Forward
With the launch of Idyllic, Polaczuk, Herrmann, Cavill, and their team are poised to make significant strides in the AI content creation space. Their new venture promises to transform how people create and interact with digital content, fostering a more inclusive and innovative creative community.

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Media Release 29 May 2024.