Mountain Buggy Wins Prestigious Award

( The brand’s nano duo™ was announced a winner in the Baby and Child care category in the Excellent Product Design segment. The award series attracted over 5,400 participants from 63 nations.

The German Design Awards will be presented in Frankfurt on 8 February.

Chief Executive, Campbell Gower, says nano duo™ showcases outstanding innovation, leading performance and first-class engineering.

“We’re chuffed to again be recognised as leaders in the world of best design. In New Zealand, we’re a long way away from key markets. So, we’ve got to work hard to stand out; really capture consumer attention.

“One way we do this is with relevant innovation, and asking, ‘what does this do for the customer?’ We find that consumer need – a problem to be solved – and deliver on it in an original and aesthetically pleasing way, with products that let parents live their life without limit.”

He notes how many parents have struggled with the flimsiness and featureless qualities offered by umbrella strollers, or how they’re often not best suited for babies.

“They can’t tackle off pavement terrain, folds are cumbersome, seats small, and the solutions for newborns, limited. So we took a much loved, quality Mountain Buggy product, the nano™ – the design of which is already industry acknowledged by being built from the buggy’s Red Dot Award winning platform, and added a second seat!

“The result is an incredibly lightweight side-by-side double stroller that delivers the perfect solution for city dwelling parents, where storage is at a premium and when pushing two children needs to be effortless.”

Gower says it’s increasingly difficult to design a product that not only meets regulatory requirements in 40 countries, but also works well and is reasonably priced.

The German Design Award series has been presented since 2012 and is organised by the country’s design and brand authority, the German Design Council.

Winners were selected from 33 categories by a panel of 45 independent, international judges, composed of representatives from industry, educational institutions and design.

The jury commented: nano duo™ appears a first-rate, light, portable stroller for the larger new family. Outwardly a superb solution for twins and children of similar ages with personalised features and canny use of materials as well as space.

“I’m really proud that our design team has won a leading design award from Germany, the heartland of good design, yet again! To hear the judges say we’ve designed a ‘first-rate, light, portable stroller for the larger new family,’ is really wonderful,” Gower said.

He hopes the recent German Design Award win will continue to highlight Mountain Buggy as the baby brand of first choice for consumers.

“We’ve been designing innovative and award-winning products for over 20 years, with products sold in over 40 markets and more than 1,000 stores worldwide. We’ve had over 20% compound growth in that time.

“Our iconic Kiwi brand not only pioneered all terrain buggies but also enables parents all around the world to live life without limit. That in itself is gold.”

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Media Release 11 February 2019.