New Online Yoga Space Rises from Lockdown


One positive story to come out of the lockdown is the creation of the new online Yoga space,

The lockdown was difficult for many Yoga studios, for owners, teachers and students. Like so many small businesses across New Zealand, studios had to close their doors as we entered into lockdown. While some studios managed to pivot and offer online classes, not all were able to make that transition; resulting in owners, teachers and students losing out. was the idea of Tom Murphy, known for co-founding the New Zealand success story ‘Kitomba’ – now a global player in Salon & Spa software, and more recently ‘Frankie AI’, artificial intelligence that improves the outcome of Ecommerce stores. Murphy has also recently developed and donated the contactless Contact Tracing app ‘Safe Keeper’ to retailers for free.

Murphy said, “Lockdown was a difficult time for many – with fear and uncertainty weighing heavily. For me, this reinforced the importance of health and wellbeing. was my response to this challenge.”

“I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a range of physical and well-being activities throughout my life. MyTime combines a love for these activities with my experience in technology. I saw an opportunity to improve the accessibility and affordability of activities that contribute to people’s wellness, such as yoga, and help struggling studio owners and teachers.”

MyTime works by allowing teachers and studios to offer their classes via Visitors to the site can select and join the class they’re interested in. MyTime is a live platform so classes are not recorded – “that’s what YouTube is for” says Murphy. Each MyTime class is a real unique one-off experience, just like in real life, that we can share with others. All teachers are well known, highly regarded and fully qualified. allows visitors to access a wide array of quality classes at times that suit them and for Yoga teachers to reach new audiences.

Whilst initially focused on Yoga, Murphy is open to MyTime offering other types of classes such as pilates, F45 and HIIT in the future. “While my preference is Yoga, people need to find what resonates with them.”

Murphy also sees synergies with businesses looking to support the wellbeing of their people during this difficult time. We’re talking to several employers about them taking on MyTime. We think there is a real opportunity for employers to invest in their people’s health and well being, especially with more people working from home in the foreseeable future. MyTime is able to be flexible to meet the needs of small, medium and larger employers and their people.

Whilst new, MyTime is already proving popular. “We’ve had students tune in from all over New Zealand and internationally. “I think it’s the combination of choice, accessibility and affordability”, says Murphy. “I think we’ve all asked ourselves what do we want to take from lockdown? For me, it is the importance of maintaining health and wellbeing. That’s what MyTime is about.

Media Release 15 May 2020.