October Exhibition Opening: Russell Hollings

(PR.co.nz) My World – 50 Years At The Easel will present some of the artists best works to date. Presenting a plethora of subjects ranging from taxidermic pukeko with antique lace, storm clouds eternal on the horizon of Mangare Bridge, succulent persimmons that will never rot and the abstracted contours of the Coromandel peninsula. All works are considered in colour and all are painted from observation.

“I draw and paint what inspires me and I hope to reveal and
confirm that what I paint is of lasting importance. Translating a subject into paint is challenging, and often mysterious. I look for immediate response and begin to assess the composition and the tonal qualities and coming to terms with the colour” – Russell Hollings

Born in 1948, Russell Hollings grew up in Auckland. Largely a self-taught artist, Hollings was given invaluable guidance both from Ida Eise OBE and renowned English painter Edward Seago – with whom he stayed in close personal correspondence with until Seago’s death in 1974. Joining a local Papakura Art Group gave Russell the motivation needed to pursue an artistic career. From the late 1960s he began to hold solo shows within New Zealand; and by the 1990s was exhibiting internationally. Often drawing inspiration from his immediate environment, Russell has an outstanding ability to capture the same scene from varying viewpoints or in changing light, each time making it appear fresh and truthful.

5:30 – 7PM


Media Release 13 October 2015.