BJA Painting Services in Auckland


BJA Painting Services is offering a full interior painting service to all residents in Auckland city.

The painting company based in West Auckland is only minutes away from the direct hub of the central motorway, making access to all regions of Auckland easy and cost effective for anyone using their services.

Having a painting company located centrally is important as it cuts down call out fee costs and allows the interior painter to be on time to the job site every day. Reliable and punctual painters can work effectively and ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget.

BJA Painting Services’ interior painting work is a central service of the Auckland company and one that they pride themselves on as they feel it’s their golden standard of workmanship that gets noticed the most.

Brian, CEO and owner of BJA Painting Services says, “We take pride in all of our painting work but it’s the interior work that gets that little extra sprinkling of fairy dust to ensure it really shines. Interior painting gets the most attention from homeowners and visitors and it also has to endure the most.”

With interior painting needing to survive the vigor’s of everyday life, be it food splashes, scuffs from shoes and children playing with toys, the paint has to be applied properly and be done using industry approved techniques and practices.

BJA Painting Services starts interior painting with a solid foundation as it’s the bare surface that will provide the backbone of a truly lasting paint finish.

Every surface that is to be coated in interior paint has to have all cracks filled in, all old paint or wallpaper stripped off and the surface has to be made to accept paint.

With a careful selection of suitable paint primers and additives that only master painters understand, the interior surface can be made pliable for painting. From wooden surfaces to plasterboard and gib, every paintable surface requires a special priming coat first.

Gib stopping and plastering is another of BJA Painting Service’s strength and it usually goes hand in hand with their interior painting work. When a new home or extension is built, the bare gib walls need to be prepared for painting by filling in the cracks, voids and dips that occur in gibbed walls. BJA will prepare the surface and create a uniform and flush result that won’t create shadows on the walls when painted.

Brian Says, “Gib stopping and surface preparation is essential for a great interior finish. You need to get it spot on to ensure that the paint looks perfect after application. We take the time and effort to do proper prep so that our final result is flawless.”

With a properly prepared surface and priming, the Auckland painters can then move in and start painting the interior walls with only the best New Zealand made paint.

Using locally produced paint that is made to the conditions of Auckland is just as important as proper plastering and paint preparation as anything else simply won’t be able to withstand the tough conditions and will being to crack and distort in a much shorter period.

Interior painting also requires a staggering amount of various paint brushes, rollers and putty knives and only a professional painter like BJA Painting Services can tell the difference between one short haired rolling brush to another.

Where an amateur will just use the cheapest bulk pack of paint rollers available at Bunnings Warehouse, BJA Painting Services will use the premium paint roller designed for only one purpose as only then will the paint be applied smoothly and consistently.

Of course every paint job is a timely process and no one understands this more than BJA Painting Services as they have been painting Auckland homes for over 25 years.

Every job taken on by the West Auckland painter will see prompt and punctual work ethics and pains taken to ensure that the job gets completed in a timely and efficient manner.

From small home renovations to full new house interior painting, BJA Painting Services can ensure a quality painted finish with the first quote to final coat with their golden standard of service and flawless finish.

Booking information and a full list of other services can be found on their website, or find them by searching “house painters near me”.


Media Release 19 May 2020.