(PR.co.nz) As companies and organisations look to technology to deliver their advertising and promotional material to customers in new and innovative ways, Amstore, one of the New Zealand’s leading suppliers of creative digital media to the entertainment and corporate markets, has answered the call by developing a revolutionary but brilliantly simple product – VideoPak®.

Already used by an array of global blue-chip brands including RedBull, Jaguar, Bruno Mars, Nokia, SKY and Harrods, custom-designed VideoPak® units combine ultra-thin, light weight TFT-LCD screens embedded into printed materials using printed circuit board assembly methods, effectively fusing the two mediums for the first time.

Incorporating a micro-USB cable for data transfer at a rate of over 700 kbit/s to PC and Mac computers, the made-to-order packs can be pre-loaded with video and / or audio content at manufacture, providing high-impact collateral that can be used for everything from sales brochures to direct mail and press releases.

The built in, lithium rechargeable battery can provide up to 180 minutes of quality audio or visual content and offers users the chance to store entire, feature-length movies on the packs if required. And then there’s the versatility benefits. VideoPak® units are available in a number of different size options incorporating screens up to 7” with 16:9 resolution. Each VideoPak® also features a 0.5W built-in stereo speaker and comes equipped two different playback options which use magnetic sensors for automatic activation when opened.

Weighing in at just 40g, the VideoPak® Micro Series is the latest development from the Amstore team. Approximately the same size as a standard credit card, these units are packed with many of the same features and data options of its larger counterpart, all of which are embedded into a pack with a thickness of just 7mm.

Designed and assembled in New Zealand by a team of dedicated specialists, the packs offer companies an exciting and unrivalled new communications platform by which to
deliver product or service information direct to their customers or suppliers.

Commenting on the launch of VideoPak®, Marcelo Bustamante, Director of Amstore group said: “We’ve worked hard to develop a product that combines cutting-edge TFT-LCD technology with bespoke printed material – and VideoPak® offers just that. Our units have really begun to turn heads in the marketing and communications industries as they’re able to explain complex concepts and ideas that don’t easily work through ‘one dimensional’ print.”

“Using a VideoPak® not only demonstrates that a brand is committed to technical innovation and being at the forefront of marketing & promotion, it also provides increased
brand recall and gives real stand out from the crowd.”

Media Release on 23 August 2012 from Amstore Wellington

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Terry Steven, Amstore
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