Safe Baby Milk Powder by Peak New Zealand

( Do you have a newborn baby between the ages of 0 months and 6 months? Are you concerned how the contaminated milk scandal will affect your child? Are you unsure about which products are safe and unsafe? Not sure which information to trust?

Being a parent of a very young child is stressful enough without these questions lingering over your head. Luckily, Peak New Zealand can help out with those questions.

Peak NZ manufactures a baby milk powder specifically designed for the needs of children between the ages of 0 months and 6 months.

This baby milk powder formula is called Peak NZ’s Infant Formula.

Peak NZ’s Infant Formula has been created to closely resemble breast milk.This is achieved by using cow’s milk as the base then adding nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the best food for your child; however, a quality baby milk powder is a possible alternative.

The stage 1 Peak NZ Infant Formula has been created to have a 60:40 balance of Whey and Casein protein. This closely replicates breast milk. Whey protein is far easier to break down and is therefore easier for your baby’s digestive tract to handle.

The Infant Formula contains higher levels of fatty acids called DHA, ARA, Linoleic and Linolenic. These acids are known to help improve the overall health of your baby’s brain, heart and eyes.

The Infant Formula also contains a selection of prebiotics including GOS and FOS. GOS and FOS are used to help destroy and fight off any harmful bacteria in your baby’s digestive tract.

It has a shelf life of two years when sealed. Once the product is opened the shelf life drops to four weeks. It has been created to contain higher levels of Nucleotides and Taurine. These higher levels help with your baby’s development.

Is Peak NZ’s Infant Formula Safe?

The recent contamination scare has been felt worldwide. Parents are unsure about what information to trust and if their formula is still safe to give to their children.

Peak NZ can safely say that all of its products have been certified safe.

The tainted milk powder came from a specific factory and a specific batch. Peak NZ sources all of its supplies from NZ Food Packaging. NZ Food Packaging did not receive any of the tainted products.

Fonterra also backed this up with the statement – “We can confirm that Fonterra has not supplied NZ Food Packaging Ltd with any affected WPC 80 from the… batches or any blend containing the affected WPC80”

If you are a concerned parent looking for infant baby milk powder but are concerned about the contamination scare purchase

Peak NZ milk powders. Be safe in the knowledge that not only have their products been specifically designed to provide your child with nutrients they need, they are certified safe.

For more information about Peak NZ, take a look at their website which contains great information on their baby formulas –, and their Stage 3 Toddler formula – see the website for further details.

You can purchase their baby milk powder products from Countdown or Pak’nSave.

Media Release on 16 August 2013 by Peak New Zealand Dairy

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