Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc Sorbet

( Award winning Marlborough winery Saint Clair Family Estate has truly embraced the summer with the creation of a Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc Sorbet.

While the warm weather lingers in the air a specialist wine store in the heart of Auckland (The Wine Vault) collaborated with a premium Italian gelato maker (Giapo) to create ‘sorbet season’. Ten Sauvignon Blanc producers were chosen to participate in this exciting project, each wine carefully selected because of their different flavour profiles.

It is widely known that Jayson Bryant from The Wine Vault is passionate about wine. He expertly educates people in a friendly easygoing manner on how to drink, taste and enjoy wine. And now he has extended his reach beyond his store and into another one with the sorbet season. Jayson has sampled each sorbet and results have been broadcast to The Wine Vault TV, Giapo TV and other social media sites.

This week Saint Clair Family Estate has shared the enthusiasm and after being one of the few selected produced a sorbet showing a fresh zesty lime flavour with a twist of passionfruit. The strong characteristic flavours are fresh on the palate and truly reflect the flavours in the bottle.

Spokesperson Mark Shaw who manages Saint Clair Family Estate social media marketing comments, “This is another innovative way to introduce Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc to new and existing customers. We encourage people to embrace the idea while experiencing something exciting and unique.”

“Saint Clair Family Estate is proud to be a family owned winery. Participation in an opportunity such as this illustrates our passion for innovation and that our ability to think creatively is not only carried out within the winery, but in all aspects of the business,” comments Neal Ibbotson, Managing Director of Saint Clair.

Media Release 28 March 2010 from Saint Clair Family Estate.
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