Sony's Mobile HD Snap Camera

( Sony is launching a web companion that captures HD videos and photos and uploads content to social media sites with a few simple clicks. This new range of stylish mobile HD snap cameras allows for the easy capture and uploading of MP4 videos and photos to popular social networking sites, making it easier for web-savvy people to connect and share with their friends.

The 5.0-megapixel MHS-CM5 and MHS-PM5K can record high definition videos of up to 1920 X 1080 resolution, as well as take photos. With a built-in USB arm and embedded Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable software, the bloggie enables seamless uploading of videos and photos to popular sites such as YouTube™ simply by connecting it to a web-connected PC or Macintosh. From shooting to sharing, the bloggie promises an easy-to-use and fun user experience.

“Sony recognises that social media is pervasive today, with web-savvy people that are enthusiastically sharing their experiences and memories online via videos and photos constantly,” says Fleur Picot, Product Manager, Digital Imaging, Sony New Zealand.

“Designed with these connected individuals in mind, the bloggie is a simple to use web companion for anyone who likes to capture photos and videos on-the-go and share these moments with their friends and networks instantly.”

Effortless shooting with the bloggie
It’s not necessary to adjust controls to get perfect pictures – the intuitive bloggie feature full auto shooting for an easy imaging experience. Users can capture moving visuals in various optimum settings determined by the bloggie – whether indoor or outdoor. Additionally, the Face Detection mode and SteadyShot image stabilisation technology ensure clarity in all photos and videos. Designed to fit every pocket, the lightweight bloggie is power packed with features and is a perfect companion for individuals who like to stay connected with their friends by sharing their precious moments online. The unique vertically designed bloggie also come with an expandable Memory Stick and SD/SDHC memory card slot such that enables users to experience the full benefits of bloggie with their preferred choice of storage capacity. With a 32GB Memory Stick, users can record up to 5 hours and 20 minutes worth of high resolution videos, thus enabling the creation of an expansive library of movies and images to share with their family and friends.

MHS-PM5K: Capture all 360 degrees of the fun moments
In four playful colours, blue, pink, white and violet, the MHS-PM5K come equipped with a built-in 270 degree rotating lens. With a turn of the head, the bloggie is automatically switched on, and users can capture perfect video moments and making self shooting effortless and enjoyable. The feature also enables users to include themselves in their home made clips.

Additionally, the bloggie MHS-PM5K comes with Sony’s new 360 Video lens, which enables users to literally record the surrounding environment in totality. Simply snap on the bundled 360 Video lens and place the bloggie in the middle of the action – be it at a house party or during a road trip. The lens helps to record 3600 coverage of the surrounding action, allowing consumers to keep a complete memory of their experiences.

MHS-CM5: Zoom in on the fun with 5x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom
Measuring a slim 39mm x 101mm x 67mm, the MHS-CM5 packs in a 5x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom lens, resulting in impressive HD MP4 videos, and allowing users to capture fun moments wherever they are. For easy playback viewing, MHS-CM5 is fitted with a 2.5” LCD screen. However, users can also choose to enjoy their HD video clips with their friends on any high definition BRAVIA TVs by simply connecting the bloggie with a HDMI cable (sold separately). The bloggie™ HD snap camera will be available from April 2010 at Sony stockists and Sony Style stores with an RRP from $369.00.

Media Release 30 March 2010 from Sony NZ.