New Video – Seventhwave: The Inside Story

( Seventhwave Wetsuits is super stoked to announce the release of a new video.

With epic surfing, kiteboarding and bodyboarding from a few of the Seventhwave team, and picturesque New Zealand surf scenery, ‘Seventhwave: the inside story’ is a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of Seventhwave Wetsuits—a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to providing high performance, warm, flexible, lightweight, and hard wearing wetsuits for all water-sport enthusiasts.

What goes into a custom-fit wetsuit? What is different about Seventhwave? Not all wetsuits are the same: fit and neoprene are the two major factors. The new video highlights why custom-fit and limestone neoprene are the ultimate, and shares footage of wetsuits in action in some of the coldest waters around New Zealand.

“Seventhwave was born in 1987 as the Canterbury Wetsuit company,” recalls Paul Zarifeh. “At that time wetsuits were new to New Zealand, especially in the South Island. So myself and Geoff [White] thought, ‘let’s give this a go’. We lined-up an order of 300 youth spring suits, ordered some Yamamoto neoprene from Japan, and the rest is history.”

Since then, Seventhwave has hand-crafted over 50,000 wetsuits—the techniques learned over the last 25 years go into every custom wetsuit. “What we’re really proud of is our specialiszed custom-fit service, where we can tailor our wetsuits to anyone’s specific measurements, needs and requirements,” notes Zarifeh. With footage of the custom wetsuit process and production, ‘Seventhwave: the inside story’ gives the viewer a real insight into these techniques.

Seventhwave prides itself in supporting local talent wherever they are based—those who are active day in, day out for the stoke of their sport. ‘Seventhwave: the inside story’ shares some of that stoke, and pays homage to every customer who has benefited from Seventhwave’s New Zealand made, hand-crafted, custom-fit approach.

‘Seventhwave: the inside story’:

Media Release 30 October 2012.