Sony 3D TVs

( Kiwis get their first chance to view 3D TV at Sony Style.

You’ve heard the hype – and soon Kiwis can experience 3DTV for themselves at a Sony Style store.

The first BRAVIA 3D TVs in the country will make their debut at Sony Style Newmarket and Wellington in April, ready for entertainment fans to trial ahead of the global launch date later this year.

There, everyone from movie buffs to gaming addicts and sports fans will be able to see how 3D will change the TV viewing landscape.

From launch there will be options to play Blu-ray discs from 3D home theatre systems or via Playstation 3 with a firmware update, and consumers will be able to play 3D game titles on Playstation 3 with a separate firmware update.

As well as 3D movies on Blu-ray, BRAVIA Internet Video (Internet TV on demand) there are plans to release sports, like the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D on Blu-ray before the end of the year, and 3D broadcasting is in the works.

“Our aim is to provide 3D content at the same time as the 3D hardware launch so that consumers can enjoy 3D entertainment on their BRAVIA immediately,” says Martin McManus, Managing Director of Sony New Zealand.

All those interested in experiencing the latest and most talked about development in television are invited to visit their local Sony Style store in Newmarket in Auckland, and Willis St in Wellington from mid-April.

Media Release 09 March 2010 from Sony New Zealand.