Don’t Survey Your Customers…

( Businesses are doing a huge amount of damage to the relationship they have with their customers by continually asking them to complete surveys that will never lead to any improvement.

Customers are sick and tired of being phoned right on dinner time, stopped in the street when they are running late, or having cards thrust in front of them as they check out of a hotel and asked to complete yet another survey.

We are well and truly over the novelty of completing surveys according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that advises business on customer experience improvements.

Very few businesses act on the information customers provide and actually do something about the issues that have been raised and the reason for this especially when the feedback involves customer service and customer experience issues is, they don’t know how to act on the information or there is so much information they are just overwhelmed.

“Stop continually annoying your customers by asking them to complete surveys unless you are totally committed to acting on the results” is the message we would like to get across said Bell before customers get even more annoyed with being asked.

His message to business is that if you are genuine and really care about your customers, get back to them and advise them of the action you intend to take as a result of a survey. At least you can then be held to account. Then get professional advice if unsure how to improve performance.

Bell said that if customers can see that some effort is going into improving the customer experience most will be more than happy to take the time to provide feedback. His advice is to make sure the commitment to action is in place first.

Media Release 22 July 2010 from Customer Experiences Ltd.