Time Travellers Ball in Featherston

(PR.co.nz) Guests with an interest in everything from historically accurate re-enactment to fictional apocalyptic dystopia, and everything in between, are being invited to enjoy an evening of themed entertainment, food and costume. The third annual Time Travellers’ Ball is being held on Saturday 22nd of June at The Anzac Hall, a beautiful example of early 20th century architecture and the perfect backdrop for an event that hopes to showcase the artistic talent and enthusiasm in the town.

Event organiser Karen Shaw and her loyal team of volunteers have been working hard to plan for an event that aims to be bigger and better than previous years. Local artists will contribute to decorating the hall in a variety of historical, fictional, and futuristic themes, and Wairarapa musicians and entertainers are on board to provide period-specific entertainment. The aim is to produce a truly immersive and artistic environment where people with a love of historical and fantastical costume can come together in a safe environment to make new friends and share in a truly unique experience.

Karen says, “whatever you’re into, whether it be wanting to look like a 15th Century nobleman, a 28th Century space princess, a character from Game of Thrones or Blade Runner, if it’s grand and you want to wear it but never had the opportunity, then it’s right for our Ball.”

Tickets are on sale now, and at $40 per ticket, the price is aimed at making the event as affordable as possible. People in previous years have travelled from as far afield as Auckland to visit the South Wairarapa town of Featherston for the event, and with the Ball expanding to include Anzac Hall’s adjoining Kiwi Hall and Supper Room, it only looks set to grow further and attract an even broader range of creatively costumed guests.