Wedding Stationery Business Gives Back

Timberwink Studio is a household name for newlyweds who relied on graphic designer and business owner Riz to help them design and print the wedding stationery of their dreams.

However, knowing she could make a difference in more lives, Riz established a Give Back scheme in 2019 that would allow her to donate a portion of their shop sales to those who needed them the most around the world.

According to Riz, giving back was a core value of hers, and she wanted to make sure she could support organisations and charities close to her heart.

“It will forever be a part of the way I want to run this business,” she says.

So far, Timberwink Studio has supported many people in need, such as single mums starting and maintaining small businesses and orphans worldwide.

Zaytoun, an organisation in Jenin based around olive tree planting, is one of many to benefit from Timberwink Studio’s support. This organisation relies on donations of olive trees to support farmers who have lost crops, small farmers, women landowners, and young farmers with inherited or acquired land.

Some of Timberwink Studio’s funds are also donated to UNICEF, which advocates for child rights, and One Ummah, a charity centred around orphan sponsorship and water sanitation.

Riz says that by supporting Timberwink Studio, you’re also supporting charities and organisations in need.

“You can play a key role in the expansion of our reach so that we’re able to give more to charities that need our help around the world. As the business grows, our support grows.”

About Timberwink
Timberwink Studio is a graphic design and print business in West Auckland specialising in wedding stationery and DIY templates. Whether you’re looking for wedding invitations, reception stationery, or signage, you can rely on Timberwink Studio and experienced graphic designer Riz to have what you need. Timberwink Studio offers semi-custom designs, bespoke designs, and DIY templates that you can edit and print yourself. Proceeds from all shop sales go to charities and organisations in need.

Media Release on 2 December 2021

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