Personalise Your Home or Business With Unique Vinyl Stickers

( Tired of that boring wall and pictures that aren’t cutting it any more because they have to be dusted regularly? Stickerbiz offer a low-maintenance solution – Vinyl Wall Art.

These easily removable vinyl stickers come at an affordable price from creative design specialists, Stickerbiz. Just visit the website to see the huge variety of wall decals they have in stock.

“These easy to apply decals are perfect for your home, office or vehicle,” said Jo Appleton, the company director. “Because they are easy to take down, you can remove them if you want something different or need to do something to the wall.”

The vinyl stickers are guaranteed to last for up to five years and come with a 365 day return policy.

“We’re just that confident that our product is something you’ll love and that it will last,” she said. “Our customers already tell us how excited they are to receive their decals and put them up. They rave about how much better their rooms look.”

Don’t see what you want? Simply submit your own designs and ideas to them on the Custom Stickers page and they’ll get back to you with a price.

Can’t draw or you’re just not sure? Give the team a call and between designers Jo and Kylie, they’ll come up with the art you’re looking for and Merv in printing will make it happen.

“We’ve had a lot of people come to us with some amazing designs that we were able to make for them. We’ve also had people come to us and say ‘use your imagination’ and let us design something for them,” Jo said. “That’s really what we love to do, making someone’s imagination a reality, whether its our design or theirs.”

Still not sure if wall stickers are right for you? Check out their FAQ section to learn more.

Stickerbiz offers free shipping on all NZ orders and a satisfaction guarantee.

Media Release on 17 August 2012 by Stickerbiz

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Jo Appleton, Stickerbix
Phone: 021 157 6097