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Find projects and work digitally through The Freelance Project

( Auckland July 11, 2012 – In the midst of the recession everyone has been raving about, one company in Auckland rises up to the challenge by taking traditional employment methods and turning them into a New Zealand only online outsourcing marketplace. The Freelance Project is a web based marketplace which allows businesses to outsource work to freelancing professionals in New Zealand.

The Freelance Project officially launched on the 11th of July 2012 and intends to help New Zealand entrepreneurs, businesses and skilled professional freelancers in finding work or someone to do the work. Project categories include software, mobile application, web design, content writing, graphic design, video production and data entry.

The process is simple. Clients post a project on The Freelance Project website, which is completely free of charge, and then receive bids from freelancing professionals. To mitigate client concerns of experience of service providers, the site provides a feedback and rating system for clients to evaluate these skilled Freelancers. In addition, an online payment platform and a messaging system have been set in place to allow clear communication between both parties.

Kevin Sun, Founder of The Freelance Project believes that “The word recession has become a very good excuse for almost everything now. There are those who cling on tighter to what they own, and then there are those who see the opportunity to change for the rest of the world to follow. Turning traditional employment methods into a digital outsourcing marketplace not only means saving money for businesses but also providing skilled professionals with more income opportunities in the so-called recession and a self-managed lifestyle.”

Media Release on 13 July 2012 from The Freelance Project

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