Amiya's Massage Oils and Sprays now Available

( Amiya Transcension (Amiya), a New Zealand-based Health & Wellbeing Consultancy, is launching its new range of wellbeing massage oils and sprays across New Zealand.

Harnessing common knowledge from aromatherapy and combining it with a thorough understanding of human behaviour and mood variations, Amiya’s range of massage oils and sprays are blended using high quality ingredients and designed to help promote positive and chemical-free health and wellbeing. Research shows that we can transmute oils topologically (through the skin) and air, so each of the Amiya’s products has been designed to help stimulate, support and enhance the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

Amiya’s range of massage oils and sprays comprises 7 different products, which are all available as room/body spray and massage oil – Mental Focus; Emotional Calm; Romance; Relaxation; Digestive; Immune Boost & Mosquito Defense. These products are a delight to the olfactory senses and a simple self-nurturing pleasure to use. “I highly recommend Amiya oils and sprays. I have recently been using emotional calm before bedtime and I have found it creates a happy and relieving sleep. I use this as a body speay during the day and find it helps crate a positive and carefree day.” Felicity, Amiya customer.

Used regularly as an alternative to moisturizers (as oiling the skin at least once a week helps maintain its vitality, smoothness and youthfulness) or as a room/body spray, these beautiful products can help boost and maintain general wellbeing and help you feel good in your own skin.
Amiya’s massage oils and sprays are available online at, or through selected stockists across New Zealand – Chantal Organic, Napier, Hawke’s Bay; Titirangi Pharmacy, Waitakere City; and East West Organics Glen Eden, Auckland.

About Amiya Transcension
Amiya Transcension is a wellbeing and health practice managed by Psychologist, Integrative Therapist, author and public speaker Amberley Meredith who is also actively involved in Global Health Clinics, Auckland, as a psychologist. Amiya offers a wide variety of psychological, energetic and neurological therapies, and wellbeing workshops that incorporate the human need for breath, touch and intimacy to help people overcome mental, emotional and even physical problems. Over the years Amberley Meredith has been specialising in helping those who have been told they cannot be helped, or that there is no cure. We believe there is a solution for everything; it sometimes just takes a lot of patience and commitment to find it.

Media Release 10 March 2012.