Auckland Band Hire: The rise of the duo

( Nothing beats a live band. While full three or four piece bands were the traditional staple of night-life in Auckland, the reality for those trying to make a living off music, is that being part of a band with more than two people, is simply not financially sustainable. This is why the vast majority of bands for hire in Auckland are now duos.

“Bars don’t want three or four piece bands any more,” explains Adam Dowling, member of seasoned Auckland covers band, “The Dobros”. “Between pubs providing little space to set up, coupled with most entertainment agents heavily clipping the ticket, duos are the only way to make any money from music”.

With Auckland band circuit becoming increasingly more competitive, and most band members working full time jobs, many turn to entertainment agents to get them gigs. While this does save Auckland musicians time, and stress, it can often come at a high cost.

“We decided to leave our agent when we found out how much he was clipping the ticket on our gigs, you are much better off contacting venues directly,” say Dowling, “We found it best to take ownership of our own marketing, whether it be through word of mouth, or through our website”.

Sustaining an income as a musician in New Zealand is fickle. But by minimising the number of band members, and taking control of your own marketing, contacting venues directly, it is possible to make a living playing music in New Zealand.

Media Release on 15 May 2015 by The Dobros

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