Loop Road paved in Gold

(PR.co.nz) Released earlier this year, the band decided to create an EP available for listening and purchasing online. “We wanted fans to be able to enjoy the music, even if they didn’t want to buy the EP,” keys player Andy Phillips said. “We’re getting a lot more interest in our music and decided the time was right to give the people a taste of something new, something with integrity, and something fresh.”

Loop Road is a five piece fusion of blues, jazz, country, soul and roots – recently formed, but thoughtfully crafted to bring together a unique vision for a fresh new sound. Loop Road is first and foremost a collection of friends. Most members of the band attended the same kindergarten and primary school, and they have been involved in musical collaborations with each other since their early teenage years. 2012 found them back together in their hometown of Rotorua for the first time, they quickly realized the creative potential within the group, and began shaping their sound by attempting to fuse together the wide array of influences they had picked up during their years apart.

Loop Road, the EP is available for purchase on itunes, Marbecks and Amplifier

Media Release on 14 March 2013 by Loop Road Band

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