Elderly Have New Easy Feeding Cup

(PR.co.nz) The Doidy Cup is a universal feeding cup which the elderly and disabled find easy to use. The Doidy Cup is unique in that it allows the user to see the contents of their cup without any upwards or downwards head movements. This makes it suitable for those with neck injuries, the bedridden and individuals with swallowing difficulties, who need to have their chins lowered in order to improve their physical swallowing mechanisms.

Uniquely slanted, the Doidy Cup has been designed to make drinking easier due to the curved rim which directs liquid to the centre of the users mouth, reducing spillage. The slant also allows the user to pick up and put the Doidy cup down with ease.

Featuring two adjustable handles which users find easy to hold, the Doidy Cup comes in seven attractive colours including red, which is known to encourage dementia sufferers to drink up to 84% more liquid when they are using a red cup. The darker colours allow the residue of dissolved medications to be seen by the user or caregiver, to ensure that any medication has been consumed.

The Doidy Cup, which was originally designed as a baby feeding cup, helps to maintain the self independence of users. It is more hygienic than sippy cups as there are no little parts to wash. The Doidy Cup can be sterilised, is top rack dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

Media Release on 4 October 2013 by Doidy Cup NZ

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