Hiberna Modular: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Building

Founded in 2022, Hiberna Modular has quickly risen to prominence for its revolutionary structural wall panels, crafted from highly compressed New Zealand-grown straw. With over a decade of expertise in constructing, researching, designing and building eco-friendly homes, Hiberna Modular has become synonymous with architecturally suitable, environmentally sustainable buildings tailored for New Zealand’s diverse climate.

The recent release of the Embodied Carbon Assessment report marks a significant milestone for Hiberna Modular, providing empirical evidence of the environmental impact of its innovative building materials and processes. Conducted by leading passive house experts, VIA Architecture, the assessment revealed groundbreaking findings:

– A typical Hiberna Modular straw panel was found to store four times as much carbon as is emitted during its production.
– The production emits only half as much upfront carbon as a comparable timber frame wall, sequestering 60.5 kg of CO2 per m2 of wall.
– Notably, the carbon sequestered by a Hiberna Modular panel is pulled out of the atmosphere from the previous 12 months, contributing to immediate carbon offset efforts.

Ben Eyers, founder of Hiberna Modular, expressed his excitement about the findings: “We’ve always believed in the transformative power of sustainable building practices. The Embodied Carbon Assessment report validates our efforts and underscores the significant role our panels play in reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects.”

In addition to its environmental impact, Hiberna Modular’s panels offer unparalleled benefits in terms of thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, and structural integrity. With a commitment to affordability and quality, Hiberna Modular is poised to revolutionize the construction industry while addressing the urgent need for carbon reduction.

Looking ahead, Hiberna Modular is embarking on an exciting phase of growth, with plans to build a new factory for its structural panels and several projects lined up over the next 12-18 months. By scaling production and expanding its market reach, Hiberna Modular aims to make sustainable building accessible to homeowners, builders, and developers across New Zealand.

For more information about Hiberna Modular and its innovative building solutions, visit www.hibernamodular.co.nz.

Media Release 11 March 2024.