New Online Guitar Magazine Goes Live

( “I started Crazy ‘Bout Guitars for novice guitar players and guitar enthusiasts,” says editor Andrew Healey. “Almost every day, we publish new articles for our readers.”

Mr Healey says that apart from New Zealand Musician Magazine, there is no other website like Crazy ‘Bout Guitars.

“We are actually quite different to NZ Musician, though, because our audience is purely guitar lovers.”

Mr Healey says the Crazy ‘Bout Guitars website is divided into five categories: Features, Gat Facts (info about guitars), Tips & Tricks (how-to articles), What’s Happenin’ (local music events) and quizzes.

“Basically, we want to provide our readers a mix of easy-to-read educational and fun articles as well as in-depth features based on interviews with professional guitarist.”

Although the site has been live for just one month, Mr Healey says it is already receiving a steady flow of web traffic.

“On average, each visitor spends five minutes on the site and clicks on more than five articles, which is really encouraging. I can’t wait to see the statistics this time next year.”

Media Release 6 December 2017.