The Simon Lucas Mitsubishi’s Clean Car Roadshow is bringing out the big guns to Orewa

There’s no doubt by now that you’ve heard all about the future of the automotive industry – electric vehicle technology. But it’s all very well reading about it and seeing it on TV, and that doesn’t do it justice. To understand electric vehicle technology, you have to experience it – and the best way to do so is not in a showroom, but around your local streets. That’s exactly what the Clean Car Roadshow is all about, an opportunity to test drive Mitsubishi’s award-winning line-up of PHEVs, get the experts to answer your questions and have a great day, all from the comfort of your neighbourhood. The Clean Car Roadshow takes place on the 10th & 11th March from 10am-5pm at Orewa’s Main Surf Club Reserve – 275 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa.

Mitsubishi Motors has a great reputation with Kiwis. They’re known for their range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, always making their presence known on “NZ’s best lists” year after year. The company’s success is not only attributed to its innovative technology and engineering – the ace up its sleeve is its “customer first” approach to sales and after-sales support. Mitsubishi Motors values its customers and listens to their feedback, which has earned the company respect and loyalty from the Kiwi market. As a global brand, they lean heavily on their local dealerships to establish community connections, recognising the importance of building lifelong customer relationships – especially with the introduction of new developments such as electric vehicle technology.

To connect with local communities, you need to be local. Simon Lucas Mitsubishi understands this – you just need to look at their impressive amount of 5-star reviews on Google to see that they do everything in their power to look after their community. But never content to just sit back and wait, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi is stepping out of their dealership and into the community with their announcement of their latest event in Orewa on the 10th and 11th of March – The Clean Car Roadshow.
You’re invited to the Clean Car Roadshow! – Presented By Simon Lucas Mitsubishi

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience the exciting future of electric vehicle technology. Taking place at Orewa’s Main Surf Club Reserve – 275 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, the Clean Car Roadshow is your chance to get behind the wheel of Mitsubishi’s award-winning PHEV range and learn more about this incredible technology that is completely revolutionising the automotive industry.

The Clean Car Roadshow takes place over two days, Friday 10th March & Saturday 11th March from 10am to 5pm.
Why is Simon Lucas Mitsubishi putting on the Clean Car Roadshow?
Over the past few years, there has been a serious uptick in the amount of press surrounding electric vehicle technology. Between headlines being dominated about the technology and the Government’s implementation of the Clean Car Discount programme, there’s no denying that this technology has moved from being a curious niche into being on the verge of mass adoption.

However, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi understands that electric vehicle technology is still new to some, captivating and even overwhelming for many people, after all, over the past 100 years the world has spent its time building out the infrastructure to support the widespread use of petrol-powered combustion vehicles. Electric vehicle technology is a major change to the automotive landscape, and Kiwis are still bound to have questions in their search to figure out if these vehicles live up to the hype.

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi believes that an informed customer is a happy customer – and community outreach is the best way of achieving this. They believe it is incredibly important to allow people to test these vehicles themselves, on their neighbourhood streets, while having access to a trustworthy expert to address any questions they may have. The Clean Car Roadshow aims to bring Mitsubishi’s award-winning PHEV range to your doorstep, making it as convenient as possible for you to try it yourself. It’s all part of Simon Lucas Mitsubishi’s ongoing commitment to stay connected with their community.

Test Drive the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Models from Mitsubishi
Simon Lucas Mitsubishi will be bringing out the big guns for the Clean Car Roadshow – the critically acclaimed and award-winning Next Gen Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV. Since their release, both vehicles have made waves in the market for Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology, their impressive full electric vehicle range, and premium safety features that come standard with all models. Mitsubishi has really set the bar for PHEVs with these releases, with the Next Gen Mitsubishi Outlander winning AA Driven’s Clean Car of the Year 2022.

But don’t just take our word for it – that’s exactly the point of the Roadshow. Simon Lucas Mitsubishi wants you to experience the performance and convenience of their PHEV range yourself. So come on down, take a test drive, and get all your questions answered!

Find Out the Magic Behind PHEV Technology
In addition to the opportunity to test drive the latest offerings from Mitsubishi’s lineup, a highlight of the event is sure to be Mike Manson’s “Intro to the PHEV technology”. Happening twice a day at 11am and 3pm, these talks will offer insight into the inner workings of Mitsubishi’s PHEV technology. Mike Manson is Simon Lucas Mitsubishi resident PHEV expert – not only are these talks sure to be informative but also entertaining, after all, Mike has earned himself a little following on Youtube for his Mitsubishi “walkthrough videos” (feel free to look them up!).

Free Trade-in Valuations and Financing Options
The Clean Car Roadshow is the perfect opportunity to get a free professional trade-in valuation of your current vehicle. Simon Lucas Mitsubishi will have finance experts on hand to offer advice and options for financing PHEV models – allowing you to make an informed decision before committing to anything.

If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toes into the PHEV market, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi is making sure you have all the experience and information necessary to make an informed decision.
A Chance to Win a “PHEV Weekend Away” (Valued at $2000)
When hearing about the impressive range Mitsubishi PHEVs have (The Next Gen Outlander PHEV has a full EV range of 84km and a combined range of 800km), you’ll often be told that they are perfect to go on an adventure.

Well, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi is offering you the chance to find out for yourself.

At the Clean Car Roadshow, you can enter the “PHEV Weekend Away” for free. The winner will receive a weekend away valued at $2000. This package includes two nights of accommodation, breakfast, and a PHEV demo to drive for the weekend.

Is there a better way to test drive a car than that?

Come Down to the Main Surf Club Reserve To Experience New Zealand’s Best Selling and Award Winning PHEVs
The Clean Car Roadshow is sure to be a fun and informative day for the Orewa community who are wanting to know more about PHEV technology. So mark the day in your diaries, swing by the Main Surf Club Reserve and see for yourself. Test drive the latest Mitsubishi range, listen to Mark Manson talk about the technology while sipping on a complimentary cup of coffee – all thanks to Simon Lucas Mitsubishi for taking the time to connect with the community. Head to the Clean Car Roadshow page on the Simon Lucas Mitsubishi website ( for more information.

Media Release on 2 March 2023

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