New Year start-up puts Auckland businesses on the road

( A new advertising business launched in Auckland this week gives businesses the opportunity to get their brand on Auckland roads. CarAds puts advertising on private vehicles, enabling vehicle owners to earn passive income, and providing advertisers with a cost effective way to increase their brand’s exposure.

“We are the most cost effective brand advertising medium available,” says Managing Director, John McLaughlan. “Our CPM (cost per thousand impressions – a standard advertising measure) can be as low as $5-10, compared with $30-35 for newspaper and radio, and more than $70 for magazines”

While similar operations exist overseas, the start-up’s business model is unique. “Models operating in Canada and the UK provide a meeting place for advertisers and car owners – a sort of specialised Facebook where advertisers have to do all the work,” Mr McLaughlan explains. “Our approach is unique in that we take demographic and geographic data and find advertisers the best vehicles for their needs. We do all the hard work for them, from finding the right vehicles, to getting them dressed, and managing the car owner relationship for the duration of the campaign.”

Advertisers’ needs are matched with car owner attributes such as vehicle type, areas visited and distance travelled, enabling the advertising to be targeted to specific areas. “The great thing is, this works for businesses all sizes,” says Mr McLaughlan. ‘’ Small local businesses like panelbeaters or real estate agents can really increase their exposure by engaging a single car in their locale, and corporates can expand their brand’s footprint significantly by taking a fleet approach.”

US research has found vehicle-based advertising to be among the most effective, with recall rates above 80%. “You can’t ignore them, you can’t turn them off or fast-forward them, and you can’t turn the page” Mr McLaughlan points out.

With 750 cars per thousand people, New Zealand has the eighth highest per capita vehicle ownership in the world, and the company is looking to take advantage of the three million cars on New Zealand roads. The company’s launch is limited to Auckland, but it expects to expand into other main centres by the end of the 2014.

Media Release on 31 December 2013 by CarAds

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