New Year start-up gives car owners passive income

( A new business launched in Auckland this week gives car owners a means by which they can earn passive income by advertising on their vehicles. CarAds matches vehicle owners and advertisers, providing businesses with a new way of marketing their brand, and enabling vehicle owners to earn as much as $1000 per month.

“It’s great for students, pensioners, young couples saving for their first house – anyone really who could do with some extra cash,” says Managing Director, John McLaughlan.

Rental income is earned according to the type of car, the distances travelled, and the type of signage. “Larger vehicles generally attract higher rates simply because they provide more space.

Commercial vehicles can utilise the rear windows too, providing even more room for advertising” says Mr McLaughlan. However, it can vary depending on advertisers’ particular needs. “For example, time in the area is more important than distance travelled for localised businesses such as mechanics or real estate agents, but corporates and national brands require the exposure that a long commute provides”

Vehicle owners simply register at the company’s website, provide some basic information about their car and travel habits, and then the company contacts them with potential matches.

The company’s launch is limited to Auckland, but it expects to expand into other main centres by the end of the 2014. “Our goal is a fleet of a thousand vehicles by 2017. That’s a thousand car owners we’ll be helping to run their cars, pay their rent or mortgage, or fund a holiday!”

Media Release on 31 December 2013 by CarAds

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