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( So you run a business and you’ve heard somewhere that having a website is a good idea.

But what is the point when the people you want to attract to your business are not visiting your website?

Having a website that actually gets your company more business is more than having a pretty postcard on the Internet.

The website needs to have content that engages the visitor, adding value to them, so they feel confident in taking your desired action.

The ‘desired action’ is usually contacting you for a sale enquiry or perhaps purchasing one of your products online.

But how do you get to this nirvana of website marketing?

Effective Website Design
The part of your website which should always be focused upon is quality engaging content. I cannot stress this enough.

If your visitor learns something useful then it is ‘quality content’ and Action Online strives to achieve this.

As well as the content, the Action Online websites offer a full range of features such as using social media websites (Twitter, Facebook etc), an effective email marketing system and an easy to use Content Management System.

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Effective Online Marketing
To help the people you want to buy your product of service know about your website and brand, you need effective Online Marketing.

The mistakes that many New Zealand businesses make is getting a website designed and assume that is enough to have a web presence.

Unfortunately that is often not enough and their website akin to a shop in the middle of nowhere.

This is where Action Online can help with their tailored online marketing campaigns.

These campaigns vary depending on your market but can contain search engine optimization services, pay per click advertisements and social media services.

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