Myths of Perfection Fuelled World Exposed

( Leanne Mulcahy, a self-confessed shy girl, encourages women to explore who they are first before heading to the shops to spend their hard earned cash on more clothes that they’ll never wear.

The format of the book and her conversational style of writing is proving popular with women around the globe. Bestselling author of ‘Gone in a Flash’ Mari Carmen Pizarro says “Leanne brilliantly and unapologetically urges us to uncover and banish our insecurities so that we start loving ourselves ‘as is’.”

Leanne exposes the invisible challenges faced by women when they’re confronted with a mirror and nothing to wear and the impact this has as they go about their day, attempting to live up to self-imposed and societal expectations to be, do and have it all. She unashamedly tells women to make time to care for themselves first, every single day, or risk falling into the trap of the Superwoman Syndrome.

“Self-care is not selfish it’s necessary and it’s the first step in feeling good about yourself. Clothes are an important part of your tool box but clothes alone won’t make you feel good, not for long anyway. Our appearance has been handed to others to validate our worthiness based on how we look rather than deciding for ourselves who we are and how we want to look and feel.” Mulcahy says

Notes to Self is fuelled by Leanne’s passion to tell women the truth about style and help them understand clothes are their ally, not their enemy. This is the real woman’s go-to guide on style; fluff-free with a touch of humour that will have you ready to hitch up your bra straps, gather your girlfriends and start living the life you want.

Media Release 19 August 2015.