The Changing Face of Motherhood

New Zealand mothers are feeling guilty about the amount of time they spend with their children due to a range of other pressures in life. A new report from Procter & Gamble says many Kiwi mums have to take time out to maintain their sanity.

Incredible Time for Scouting in Taupo

2010 and the start of 2011 have been incredible for Scouting in Taupo. More and more young people are realising the benefit of joining our Movement and are experiencing the vast range of fantastic opportunities that we have to offer.

Kids Get To Go Barefoot, With Shoes On

Do you remember the liberating feeling of running barefoot in your backyard as a kid? Children inherently understand the benefits of being barefoot whether it is better balance, enhanced sensory perception or just the liberating feeling of the ground beneath their feet. Unfortunately, outdoor debris and other hazards have forced parents to put traditional shoes on their children—casting their feet at an early age. By popular demand, Vibram® has designed a line of FiveFingers® footwear so our younger friends can experience the same benefits their parents have been raving about for years.